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Kronos is targeted to musicians and music technologists who want to create customized signal processing solutions.

It can be used to build anything from effect processors to virtual instruments.

The Kronos engine offers a sophisticated and powerful functional programming language, yet it can be easily used with a visual, patching-based interface.

Kronos Patcher

The patcher is a graphical user interface in which programs can be written solely by discovering and connecting functional modules.

Kronos Server

The server is a powerful compiler that translates patches into overhead-free native code and handles all I/O.

Vesa Norilo

Vesa Norilo is a research assistant at Center for Music & Technology. Kronos is his doctoral study project.

Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy is the only university in Finland exclusively dedicated to music, and one of the largest.


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This page contains Kronos installation requirements and instructions.


IMPORTANT: To download or use any of the files below, you must agree to the terms of the End User License Agreement.

Kronos Server for Windows 7 zip

Kronos Server for Mac OS X 10.7 zip

Kronos Patcher for Silverlight here


Kronos Patcher requires Silverlight. It is used to render the user interface.

Windows 7

Kronos Server should run on virtually any WinNT. It is only tested on Windows 7 though. Kronos Server is available as a 32-bit binary.

Mac OS X 10.7

Kronos Server requires the C++11 runtime library from Clang. It is automatically present on 10.7 and later.

Should an adventurous soul find a way to get that particular library on their 10.6, the server might work.


Kronos Server must be launched with the supplied script file. The file is start_server.bat under Windows and start_server.command under OS X.

The script allows the server to locate its libraries without an installation procedure.

The patcher must be installed as an out of browser application. Once the patcher has loaded in your web browser, choose install from the context menu.

Learn It

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Some Tutorial Videos are available on YouTube. More to come!

Syntax Cheat Sheet

A Quick reference of the syntax is here.


Some academic publications on Kronos;

International Computer Music Conference 2011

Designing Synthetic Reverberators in Kronos


I wrote a series of programming articles for a pre-beta technology preview of Kronos. As the patcher didn't exist at the time, these focus solely on textual programming.

Most of the command line argument syntax and some of the library functions used in these articles are now deprecated. To actually run them on the beta distribution, some adjustments have to be made. However, they are included here for reference.


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Questions, comments, suggestions and whatever are welcome; fi.siba@vnorilo. You will have to mirror the address though :)